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Учреждение, подведомственное Департаменту культуры города Москвы
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I am a clown
Photos  The performance "Ya-clown or Kotostroyka" is devoted to stars of a world clownery: To Charlie Chaplin, Leonid Engibarov and the clown with the scenic pseudonym Grok, whose real name Charles Adrien Vettakh.
The honored artist of Russia Dmitry Kuklachev has realized the old dream and has put the performance devoted to idols of the youth.
The performance "I Am a Clown or Kotostroyka" is a view of great names through a prism of the present and, of course, through a prism of Theatre of cats. Entering an image and executing reprises of great clowns, Dmitry Kuklachev complicates numbers, adding to them tricks with cats.
Very precisely getting used to Chaplin's image, Dmitry forces to believe the audience that on the stage this great clown. Kuklachev-Chaplin with ease balances with a pole, with the cat who is unperturbably sitting above.
Executing a reprise of the musical clown Grok, the actor plays on a saw, eliciting fantastically beautiful sounds from this not musical instrument.
In Leonid Engibarov's image Dmitry executes the most difficult reprise: consistently he submits one, three and even five coils!
Dmitry Kuklachev does the most difficult turns with ease thanks to the highest skill of the professional.
Duration of a performance is 1 hour 40 minutes
It is recommended for adults and children from 5 years