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Photos      Performance is put in common by the art director of Theatre of cats Dmitry Kuklachevym and film director George Jungvald-Hilkevichem ("Д'Артаньян and three musketeers", "Dangerous tours", "the Prisoner of Château d'If").

     «The ice imagination» is a thin and sensual history. In this statement there is a dramatic art, character.

     Here the oldest circus technics «a black study room» is used. For you waits so a lot of interesting, - wonderful disappearances, transformations and enchanting flights!!

     In spite of the fact that performance is made in style of Theatre of cats, - is almost dumb, you are completely dipped into an event, all key moments are fastened on tricks with cats. That here only you will not see, - a campaign on a rope a back downwards, cats on skis, cats carrying vehicles, walks on hinder legs and occurrence from air!

     In «Ice imagination» the subject line is accurately traced. It is a fairy tale on opposition of good and harm, love and hatred. The mad professor wants, that on the Earth there has come eternal winter, therefore freezes all around: trees, cats, people. The brave clown after the professor has transformed his beloved into an ice sculpture, enters with him struggle …

     Than all will end?? Come and look!