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Cat's House

   Performance «Koshkin the house» Yury Kuklacheva's statement, and in a role of the aunt of the Cat – charming Elena Kuklacheva. Together with them on a scene the whole brotherhood of four-footed talents, - 40 cats and 2 poodles.

     On a scene heroes of a fairy tale “The house of a cat” revive known to us since the childhood. In this entertainment performance the comedy and tragedy is combined. The small spectator observes, how much dangerous there can be a non-observance of rules of fire-prevention safety, and does the conclusions.

     All was at the beauty of the Cat: and the house – a full bowl, and cheerful friends. But she did not favour the poor, hungry nephews. The trouble has come - the manor has burnt down. All have turned away from the Cat, and only orphans-nephews yes the old watchman the Cat have given a hand to her to the help …

     Come, and you can observe this instructive and a touching story!